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You Can’t Out Exercise a Bad Diet!

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Let me explain why so many people won’t lose the weight they want to. First, there are so many obstacles put in place that set you up for failure from the very beginning. The mindset is this, “I’ve got to change drastically and do things that are going to be hard.” This is absolutely wrong. Don’t let the journey of reaching your goals seem so overwhelming, because they are not.

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That First Opportunity

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Chances are you’ve heard the following.  If not, hear it for the first time.  “You never get a second chance to make a first impression.”  Appearance counts all the time!  It doesn’t matter what level of competition you are officiating.  If you don’t look the part, you are starting out at a big disadvantage.  By part, I mean professional, in very good shape and psychologically sharp.  Your first impression may influence how people will react to the way you look and present yourself in the beginning, even if you look and act differently later on.  The way you look and act while officiating is critical to your success on the field.  This includes everything before, during and after your game.

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