Take Care of Your Feet!

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So, you wake up one morning, step out of bed and say to yourself:  “Ouch, I’ve got a stone bruise on my heel.”  It begins to feel a little better as you walk around.  The next morning, you’ve got the same thing, only it’s worse.  Over the course of a few days, you can hardly walk when you get up and the relief doesn’t come as you walk and stretch.  It’s not a stone bruise, you’ve got Plantar Fasciitis.  Correctly pronounced it is “plantar fash-eee-eye-tiss”.

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Support Organizations like the National Association of Sports Officials

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There are a number of organizations that support sports officials.  However, some really stand above the rest.  NASO is one of them.  The National Association of Sports Officials was founded in 1980 by Barry Mano.  Their mission is summed up in a very brief, yet comprehensive statement, “to Provide the Best Information for Sports Officials.”  For a deeper look into what is available to you, as an official, visit their website at

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That First Opportunity

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Chances are you’ve heard the following.  If not, hear it for the first time.  “You never get a second chance to make a first impression.”  Appearance counts all the time!  It doesn’t matter what level of competition you are officiating.  If you don’t look the part, you are starting out at a big disadvantage.  By part, I mean professional, in very good shape and psychologically sharp.  Your first impression may influence how people will react to the way you look and present yourself in the beginning, even if you look and act differently later on.  The way you look and act while officiating is critical to your success on the field.  This includes everything before, during and after your game.

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How Should You Warm Up?

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Do you need to stretch before and after training or working a game?  Do the stretches help you at all in terms of improving your performance?   What adverse effects can you have if you skip the stretching?

Your muscles do some amazing things.  They stretch and contract during the course of working games.  Gently stretching muscles can minimize injury while officiating.  Most feel that stretching a cold muscle is wrong.  So what should we do?

The first thing is to do what feels comfortable to you.  Also, you’ve got to do things that will benefit the motions you make while working the sport you are engaged in.

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